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  • Github Organization Statistics Script

    I got curious about how much code/commits/repos I've contributed to at my current gig, and I couldn't find anything else out there, so I pulled together a script for getting contributor statistics for a specified organization on Github. Octocat by jeejkang.

  • Lambada

    At Superpedestrian we have really gotten into using AWS lambdas for ETL, batch processing, and other scheduled tasks so I made a nice framework for it.

  • ┬íColors and Commands!

    This site is based on a terminal color scheme I made inside a Trough of Disillusionment while redesigning this site. I was feeling stuck on the design when a lightbulb lit. Why not a terminal Website? Here we are. It comes with an invite to add new and awesome commands to this site, and payment in the form of the color schemes for several terminal emulators and Emacs.

  • Rules of Software

    How to make software the Carson way. Petty rules and when to break them to make software that is easy to deploy and easy to test. I'm just going to need a pint or two of your blood and probably your first born.

  • New Site - New Me

    Ok, probaby not really a whole new me, but after 6 years, it is time for a little rebranding. Enter `Carson Gee - ClippedCompound`, and welcome to the retro-future.

  • Zenoss HipChat!

    I recently created a command line script for sending Zenoss alerts to HipChat for knowing when things are going wrong in my infrastructure. I've now made it available as an open source installable.

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