This site is based on a terminal color scheme I made inside a Trough of Disillusionment while redesigning this site. I was feeling stuck on the design when a lightbulb lit. Why not a terminal Website? Here we are. It comes with an invite to add new and awesome commands to this site, and payment in the form of the color schemes for several terminal emulators and Emacs. First up, the “gift”:

Clipped Compound Color Scheme

I’m all about collaboration and open source tasties. So, PRs to these themes can be done directly to this site at the repo. It was blast making them, and I’d highly recommend making your own. I used for making the terminal schemes and Emacs Theme Creator for making the emacs theme. Very nice.

Without further adieu:

and now the “ask”:

Make New Commands

So I’ve implemented quite a few of your basic folder walking commands (and a few secret commands), but I’d really love to see some new ones added, no matter how silly. In fact the sillier the betterer. So, if you have a command you want to add, it is pretty easy, just submit a pull request to this site repo, by just adding another key and function to the commands object. Or…or…if you want to a super-de-duper secret version, add something to the unpublishedCommands object.