I think the last time I redesigned this site was around 2010. That is pretty much a lifetime ago at this point. I live in a new city, and I’ve had three different jobs since then. I’ve also picked about about half a dozen new hobbies (and don’t forget about emoji availability), and yet the old spinning circle nav stayed through all that.

It was pretty cool, still is, but sometimes you just have to change for the sake of change. So welcome to the new terminal version of the site. I’ve basically removed all of blog entries except the last one which is almost two years old because life is short, and I don’t need to be reminded of that thing I did, with that technology that used to matter.

So here we are: a little leaner, a little less user friendly (I’ll keep working on that), and a lot more retro.

Enjoy the high minded concept with the questionable execution due to time constraints.