For the last year or so at work we have been using HipChat for team communication and collaboration. It has been a really great product to use for the most part thanks to a lot of integrations and a really simple API. As result it is really enjoyable and useful. So far I’ve written a chat bot for it named Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz and added integrations into it for ZenDesk, GitHub, Trello, and iDoneThis

Thanks to this long weekend though, I took some of my spare time to write an integration for my favorite system monitoring system Zenoss. It allows you to send chat notifications of events to HipChat rooms, and even does color coding based on the severity of the events. You can check it out at the GitHub project I started for it at There is a quickstart guide there for how to get it running on your Zenoss server (or just test it out locally). I also added it to the Cheese Shop/PyPi